Willow SibertWillow Sibert is the principle owner of Women Who Web and along with her partners, have collectively over 30 years of internet experience. Willow has actively marketed numerous business on the internet while studying for the past 5 years with some of the most well known internet marketers on the web.

Willow’s passion has always been working with women in business – from creating Stellar Business Women™ affirmations and hypnosis CD’s to coaching and mentoring start-up entrepreneurs and professionals with her business, A Different Monday™. She’s worked with network marketing companies – providing training and website support for several groups. Her latest adventures into web development led her to create simple, yet extremely powerful websites. These sites were getting rapid exposure on Google and this was rewarded by increased business and sales. Immediately wanting to share her success with her women friends, she began building sites for them, using the system she developed. Hence, Women Who Web was born.

Willow has always had a special way with technology and people. She worked for Apple Computer for 14 years and was the national training manager for Customer Service. She has been a life-long teacher and continues to use these teaching skills to help women. Being an entrepreneur and a woman with a private practice, Willow realizes the importance of doing what you love and leaving the other “stuff” to people who like to do it. Located in Tucson, Arizona, she currently works with local professionals in private practice – coaches, counselors, therapists, developers and entrepreneurs. She is available to work nationwide – and is only an email or phone call away!

Women Who Web is about Women – Women using the Web – helping other Women to use the Web –  to help themselves!